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Do you charge for a diagnostic?

Yes, we do. We request a $45.00 diagnostic deposit to be placed at point the appointment is scheduled and confirmed. The diagnostic deposit can be applied towards the repair, or replacement of appliance/machine that is being diagnosed.

How do service calls work?

A tech will come to your home, and they will diagnose the appliance, afterwards, the tech will inform you of the cost, if they can repair on site, or if our office needs to make an estimate(s) We will apply the $45.00 as a credit

What is your warranty policy?

We offer a 6-month with our appliances. Click the link below for full terms and conditions of our warranty.

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Do you provide filters with fridges?

No, we do not. Fridges that require to have one, will not come with new filters. The fridge will either come with an existing one, or with none. For an additional cost we can obtain a new filter for you. 

Do you sell parts?

We do! We have a parts department that will be happy to assist you! Please make sure to have your model or part number. Call 800-498-0919

What's considered Refurbished Appliances?

Refurbished means, we don't just get our stock and put out our product. Our techs go through each machine, we repair/replace parts, clean and cosmetically improve the appliance. In cleaning our appliances, we use industry standard and eco friendly sanitizing and anti-bacterial cleaners.