Warranty Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing us for your appliance needs.Warranty (WRTY) is for 6mo from date of delivery/pick up.The WRTY is only valid on the purchased appliance, covers the appliance only, which includes and not limited to:parts, labor, service and repair.WRTY does not cover misuse,user error,outside factors including plumbing,or electrical.Trip charges will occur if issue is not the appliance.WRTY does not include&not limited to:damage done by user,including over packing of machine,and not practicing basic daily maintenance.Within the WRTY duration,if there needs to be a service,AnT will repair twice, third time the appliance will be replaced.If the exact replacement cannot be provided at the time,a temp appliance will be provided until comparable replacement can be provided.Any tampering with,or disassembling the appliance will immediately void the WRTY.Any personnel NOT an AnT tech whom attempts to, and not limited to repair,tampering, or disassembling will void the WRTY.


Export Terms and Conditions


We value our business relationship with international clients. 

We have done business and worked with many clients from our neighboring countries for export: Jamaica, Haiti, Bahamas and The Caribbean.

We do not offer export services but will be able to deliver to place of business/export company, residential or warehouse pick up of purchased appliances.

Any appliance delivered at export, or picked up by a representative for buyer to bring or provide to export - Appliances N Things has no further liability and cannot guarantee the appliance will arrive as delivered/picked up prior to export from Appliances N Things. Appliances N Things will document and contain proof of model/serial and photographic proof of quality of product. The payment received towards any invoice created by Appliances N Things is an acceptance of this terms and conditions.